Reno Omokri slams Dele Momodu for urging Atiku to concede defeat

Reno Omokri has slammed Dele Momodu over a tweet he shared which shows him advising Atiku Abubakar to pick up his phone and call President Muhammadu Buhari.

Reno Omokri slams Dele Momodu for telling Atiku to call Buhari
Reno Omokri calls out Dele Momodu over his tweet asking Atiku to concede defeat and call Buhari

Early today, Dele Momodu took to Twitter with what looked like an advice for Atiku to concede defeat to Buhari while results of the presidential election were still being collated.

Dele Momodu tweeted:

My dear WAZIRIN, as a believer, you are aware that only God can give or take power. You’ve written your name in gold. Do not wait a minute longer. Please, pick that phone and call President Muhammadu Buhari. You have much more to gain Sir… Pass on the burden!

Reacting to the tweet, Reno Omokri slammed Dele Momodu. According to him, he should have called Atiku on phone to give the advice instead of going public with it.

Dear @DeleMomodu

I know for a fact you have @Atiku’s phone number, email address and WhatsApp details. Why do you choose to do this publicly? Why add to the already heavy burden the man is carrying? He is carrying an elephant. Why add a snake to his load?


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  1. Omokri the adviser
    Why not advise yourself to face the stark reality steering all you conspirators in the face
    All you Buhari haters
    Eat your words

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