We won’t recognise Buhari as president beyond May 29 – Opposition parties

Opposition political parties under the aegis of the Coalition of United Political Parties have vowed not to recognise Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s President beyond May 29, 2019.

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They said they would ensure, within civil means, that Buhari did not enjoy what they called a stolen mandate based on his declaration as the winner of last Saturday’s presidential election.

The coalition’s national spokesman, Imo Ugochinyere, made the political parties’ position known in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja on Wednesday.

Ugochinyere urged Nigerians to continue to support opposition parties in their quest to retrieve the mandate for the rightful owner.

He said, “The opposition rejects the cooked and panel beaten figures and will not recognise General Muhammadu Buhari as the carrier of legitimate mandate beyond May 29, 2019.”

Describing Buhari’s victory as pyrrhic, Ugochinyere said that there is evidence nationwide that the 2019 presidential election was a clear departure from the electoral gains made in 2015.

He said it was glaring that the ruling APC massively stole votes and suppressed votes of the opposition to such an extent that the election is the worst since Nigeria’s return to democracy 1999.



  1. Cry babies everywhere
    When you lose, you go home to leak your wound, instead of this shameful public mourning
    What we had was a referendum to choose between uprightness and corruption and Nigerians have effectively made their choice
    That fact can never change
    The rest is history

  2. It is just that most of us don’t seem to feel ashamed, otherwise how can the so-called CUPP which entire membership couldn’t boast for up to a hundred thousand(100,000) out of more than thirty million(30,000,000) votes cast by Nigerians in the last Presidential election, talk about recognizing anybody. I ask: of what relevance is the recognition of mere 100,000 people for somebody endorsed by more than 15,000,000 Nigerians?

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