Atiku did not make any demands from Buhari – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says Atiku Abubakar, its presidential candidate in the recently concluded poll, is not making any demands from President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Abubakar had rejected the outcome of the election, saying he would challenge it in court.

Subsequently, the National Peace Committee chaired by Abdulsalami Abubakar, after meeting with him, said he made some demands from the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government.

He was reported to have demanded: unfreezing of bank accounts belonging to opposition politicians; demilitarisation of subsequent elections; accreditation of voters before voting in subsequent elections; access to the backend server of INEC by all parties who partook in the election.

However, the PDP, in a statement by Kola Ologbondiyan, its spokesman, said Abubakar never made such demands, nor will he accept any conditions over the election “he clearly won”.

“The PDP states categorically, without mincing words, that Atiku Abubakar had not, and will never, make or accept any condition from President Buhari regarding the rigged February 23, 2019 Presidential election, which he (Atiku) clearly won,” the opposition party said.

“The Buhari Presidency and the APC know that their electoral robbery cannot stand before any noble justices and are now attempting to use all sorts of blackmail and shenanigans to derail the quest by Nigerians to reclaim the stolen mandate at the tribunal.

“However, let it be known to President Buhari and the APC that Atiku Abubakar and the PDP are standing shoulder to shoulder with Nigerians in this collective determination to take back the stolen mandate and we are not ready for any form of negotiation with anybody on this matter.

“Our party and candidate remain committed to the huge sacrifices made by Nigerians in ensuring our collective victory as delivered at the polling units across the country; we are mindful of the pains that Nigerians are passing through since the subversion of their will at the polls; we are sensitive to the expectations that millions of compatriots place on our shoulders in this struggle and we will never let Nigerians down.”

The party maintained its stance to seek redress in court.

It added that it remains undaunted in its resolve to pursue its mandate till Abubakar is declared president.

“We have all the authentic results from all the polling units as well as forensic evidence of manipulations by the APC and INEC. We will bare them all at the tribunal and the court will give justice to Nigerians,” it said.

“On that note, the PDP states unequivocally that nothing will change its resolve to pursue this despicable electoral fraud, unknown in our political history, to its end.

“We shall devote every energy necessary to reclaim our mandate and have Atiku Abubakar declared President, in line with the will of the people as delivered at the polling units on February 23, 2019.

“Anything short of this is not acceptable and no amount of false reports, connivance, contrivance, intimidation, harassment and fresh attacks on our leaders, including the Director General of our Presidential Campaign, Senate President Bukola Saraki, whose residence was besieged by security agents last night, can alter this resolve.”



  1. Mr Atiku Abubakar: I love this retraction that you have made today that you will not and are NOT making any demands from this evil man, Buhari, who knows he clearly did not win. Abdusallam Abubakar knew right from the 24th February that Buhari did not win, hence his making that concealed appeal that whoever loses should concede. Even Buhari knew he had lost which is why Keyamo accused INEC of colluding with PDP to release results in PDP’s favor.
    All of a sudden all that changed while INEC was scared of threats from Buhari and his people and they started releasing results that was pleasing to APC and Buhari. Why did INEC wait so long to start releasing results?
    Please hurry up and file your case in court as Akpabio did his and INEC has been restrained from giving the certificate of return to the PDP winner. Recall that Akpabio had boasted that the declaration by INEC will be reversed. So what makes your own case different is what the world wants to know when you clearly won this election.
    Finally, Buhari had boasted more than a year ago that 15 million Nigerians will vote for him. Any surprise that that tallies with the result released by INEC?

    Make good on your intention and go to court to reclaim your stolen victory.

  2. I don’t even know the hue about the failure called Atiku Abubakar, to me, my beloved PMB should not listen to any demands made by him, if he indeed made any. He should be allowed to satisfy himself, exhaust his options and re-distribute his ill-gotten money by going to the Court.

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