Why some people receive extreme poverty despite prayers – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has revealed why some people only receive extreme poverty despite saying lots of prayers. According to him, praying without working towards the request made in the prayer often render the prayer unfruitful.

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He likened such a case to some churchgoers who believed they’ve been blessed in church due to prayers but go home and remain the same because they didn’t add any work to it

“If prayer was a source of wealth, prayer warriors will be the wealthiest people. God promised to bless what we DO. You have to do something before you pray for God to bless it. Prayer without work is like praying for rain on a land on which you have planted no seeds. Don’t go to church to shout ‘I receive it’, and then go home to do nothing, thinking that your laziness is faith. All you will receive is EXTREME POVERTY. God WONT break His divine law for you.m”, Reno Omokri wrote.


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