Actress Omotola Jalade fires back at Presidency

Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde has stated that her recent outburst at the hellish state of the country is not because she’s not receiving free money from politicians.

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Yesterday, the actress tweeted about the state of the nation and how money is no longer circulating.

“The Country Under your watch is Hellish! @YOsibanjo @MBuhari @NGRPresident The lack of Money in circulation,Now coupled with the Continuous Assault n Killings by Uniformed men will make this Country implode!!!It is Unbearable! Do something!Insecurity!Fear n Desperation everywhere”, she wrote

In response, Bashir Ahmad, an assistant to President Buhari fired back:

Madam Omotola those who are working for CLEAN money are not complaining and will never refer our dear country as ‘hellish’. In Kano State alone, from 2015 to 2018, no fewer than 200 medium and small scale rice milling centres emerged. For that, billions circulated among millions.”

Omotola this morning took to her twitter handle to react to the insinuation that her outburst was because politicians in the Buhari-led government do not give her free money.

Omotola fires back, says she never collected free money from politicians
Omotola fires back, says she never collected free money from politicians



  1. It’s usual thing for those who received free looted money from those PDP rogues to be making noise and uttering silly comments now that Buhari has blocked the avenue for such public fund looting from left, right and centre
    Same goes for those PDP politicians that had free access to the central bank
    We do not need any of their malicious comments,they are of no use for the progress of the nation

  2. All the thieves can cry, they can rant from now to eternity but God has had mercy on us, Nigerians and sent PMB to rescue us from the dungeon the successive govts from IBB through to OBJ down to GEJ put us into.

  3. People should know what they’re saying.
    For one she’s correct, when people are working and the prices of items is on the high side, the propensity to save will not be there . It’s only the politicians that are having a field day. That’s why a President who doesn’t have money to pay for his presidential form can have his son buying a power bike worth millions of naira and the wife a wristwatch worth millions.
    Like she rightly pointed out even when PDP were in power, you could never see her attending any rally like her hungry counterparts often do

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