The poor might revenge – Dino Melaye warns Nigerian leaders

Dino Melaye, lawmaker representing Kogi west senatorial district, says Nigeria’s polity is heating up to the point where the poor will revenge against the elite and the country’s leaders.

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In a series of message on social media on Friday, the senator warned the ruling class that there could be scenarios similar to what played out in some parts of Europe and Africa when the followers rebelled against their leaders.

He said “perilous times” were ahead.

“I am afraid of the revenge of the poor, it happened in Russia, France and recently in Sudan. It can happen in Nigeria,” he tweeted.

“Housing segregation put us the elite in jeopardy. Ikoyi, Banana, Maitama, Asokoro etc. Our leaders + me beware of violent revolution. Perilous times loading.”

Melaye has in the past blamed politicians including himself for Nigeria’s economic woes.

“Apart from militocracy, politics is responsible for poverty and hunger in Nigeria,” Melaye had said while giving a speech at an event in 2017.

“Unfortunately, we the leaders, myself inclusive, have failed this nation and have failed the younger generation — myself inclusive.”


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  1. The revenge from the poor will surely begin from dealing with people like Malaye who amassed dozens of exotic cars and other flamboyant properties even when most of his neighbors can hardly feed

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