Buhari benefiting from corruption – Timi Frank

Timi Frank, political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari was benefiting from corruption and therefore has lost moral right to continue the so-called anti-corruption fight.

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Frank said the current administration should stop deceiving the people and the international community over the programme, which he said, was largely a failure.

He said the administration is using corrupt means to procure political support while those not aligned to the APC are hounded.

He wondered what manner of corruption could be fought when a political party and its leaders would back a “mace thief” to aspire for top legislative position and use the same allegation of corruption to compel persons to drop ambitions and align with aspirations of the ruling party.

Frank urged the Nigerian leader to borrow a leaf from the Tanzanian President, on how best to tackle the menace called corruption, noting that all the institutions of government and sectors are currently more corrupt now than ever.

Frank said Buhari should allow the courts to do their work and determine who is corrupt “because as it is now, anyone not aligned with APC is a corrupt Nigerian under the current administration.”

He challenged President Buhari to tell the world what has become of the NNPC scandal, fuel subsidy, Ikoyi-gate where huge amount of money was discovered and so many corrupt elements around him.

“General Buhari for his selfish reason is using corrupt means to get political support as it is seen in the case of Senator Goje, whose alleged corruption case, running into billions of Naira was forgiven because he agreed not to contest Senate principal position against APC’s preferred candidate.

“Buhari is the biggest beneficiary of corruption in Nigeria. He should account for the Traders Moni and also tell the world where all the money used to buy votes during the just concluded general elections he did not win came from.”

“It is corruption when you support a Mace thief (apologies to Sen. Dino Melaye) to be a Senate principal officer. It is corruption when your party allegedly shared millions of Naira to lawmakers to elect National Assembly leaders.”

It is corruption when you ordered a stop in the trial of a Senator because he agreed not to contest Senate principal position because of your preferred candidate.

“It is corruption and impunity when some of your former cabinet members who were suppose to be in jail by now are walking free in the street,” he said.


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  1. Timi Frank, this is a nonsense talk from somebody who is frantically looking for his political re-direction haven since lost his way in this country’s complex political web!

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